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Why Choose Us?

In such an over-saturated market knowing where to buy CBD products is of the utmost importance. Lots of places sell CBD. BUT very few have quality control and education as their main focus. We at Embrace CBD Wellness center have aligned ourselves with true experts in the industry to guarantee the validity of our products and as a result, we can also provide correct dosing recommendations and caution against using CBD with certain other medications that may have adverse reactions.

CBD Oil on a wood background

Our Core Values

Because of our strict quality control measures and vetting processes for the brands that we carry and the products that we create, we are able to confidently say that all of our products are true to their labeling and of the highest quality.

As large corporations begin to make their way into the CBD space we at Embrace CBD Wellness Center have a few core values that we refuse to compromise on.

1. Families First
2. People over Profits
3. Education Before Sales
4. Quality Products over Higher Profit Margins
5. Truth over Hype

Real Reviews from Real People

Learn More About Our Core Values