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Trust But Verify

Not only have all of our products been tested by a 3rd party lab, but the lab itself has also been vetted to verify that they operate at the highest levels of integrity and excellence. We have aligned ourselves with the nation’s leading experts in the fields of cultivation, manufacturing, testing, consulting, and merchandising to be able to bring confidence and reliability to the retail CBD space at Embrace CBD!

CBD Dropper

If We Sell It, the Following Are True:

  • Organically Grown and Processed
  • Lab Reports Have Been Verified
  • Tracked From Seed To Store By Batch Number
  • We Have Confirmed 3rd Party Lab Results Using Georgetown Hemp’s Own Spectrometer
  • Products are tested for, Cannabinoid & Terpenoid Profiling, Microbiological Screening, Quantified Pesticide Testing, Residual Solvent Analysis

Lab Tests By Brand

Rx Remedies – Oils and Tinctures

Plain Jane Sativa 500mg
Plain Jane Indica 500mg
Peppermint Sativa 500mg
Peppermint Indica 500mg
Plain Jane Indica 1000mg
Plain Jane Sativa 1000mg
Just CBD (THC Free) Sativa 500mg
Just CBD (THC Free) Indica 500mg

RX Remedies – Regular Strength Topicals

Lavender 150mg
Unscented 150mg
Wintergreen 150mg

RX Remedies – Extra Strength Topicals

Sport Warming 300-900mg
Sport Cooling 300-900mg
RX Remedies – Migraine Treatment

RX Remedies – Pet Products

Dog Oil 500mg
Calm & Composed Dog Treats
Joint Health Dog Treats

Myriams’ Hope Tinctures

Daily 25
Daily 25 (THC Free)
Daily 50
Daily 100

Nuleaf Naturals Oil


Hemp & Heal Tinctures

Full Spectrum Tinctures (7000mg, 3000mg, 750mg, 300mg)
Full Spectrum Tinctures (1000mg & 3000mg)

Hemp & Heal Isolate Vape Cartridges With Terpenes

Test for CBD Isolate Used in Vapes

Terpene Profile Test Per Strain

Girl Scout Cookies
Super Lemon Haze
OG Kush
Gorilla Glue
Hemp & Heal Crystalline Concentrates
Illuminent Full Spectrum Tinctures

CBD For The People Raw Uncut Dark Tinctures/Vape Cartridges and Pods

Master Batch
Vape Cartridges/Pods

CBDMD Oil & Topical Master Batch

Master Batch Isolate
Extract Test

Koi Tincture, Gummies, E-Liquid

Koi Gummies
Koi Natural Tinctures
Koi E-Liquids

Prosper Hemp Oils


Nasadol Nasal Sprays


CBD Living

Eucalyptus Soap
Coconut Lime
CBD Suppositories
CBD Sleep Aid Grape
CBD Sleep Aid Cherry
CBD Lozenges Cherry
CBD Lozenges Green Apple

Naked CBD E-Liquid

Hawaiian Pog, Amazing Mango, Really Berry, Lava Flow 600 & 1200mg

CBD Luxe Inhalers

Be Clear
Be Calm
Be Well
Be Active

CBD Medic Topicals

Advanced Pain Relief
Arthritis Cream

Blue Moon Hemp


Lab Tests By Brand


cbdMD Freeze 3 oz 300 mg Pain Relief Roller
cbdMD Freeze 3 oz 750 mg Pain Relief Roller 
cbdMD Freeze 3 oz 1500 mg Pain Relief Roller 
cbdMD Freeze 3 oz 3000 mg Roller
cbdMD Recover 4 oz 750 mg Inflammation Cream Squeeze
cbdMD Revive 4 oz 1500 mg Moisturizing Lotion Squeeze
cbdMD Relieve 2.5 oz 500 mg Roll-on
cbdMD Relieve 2.5 oz 1500 mg Roll-on
cbdMD Tincture 30 mL Berry 3000 mg
cbdMD Tincture 30 mL Natural 5000 mg
cbdMD 30 count 300 mg Gummies
cbdMD 30 count 750 mg Gummies
cbdMD Tincture 30 mL Natural 750 mg
cbdMD Tincture 30 mL Mint 1500 mg
cbdMD Relieve 2.5 oz 3000 mg Roll-on

CBD For The People

For The People 1200mg Dark Tincture
For The People 2400mg Dark Tincture
For The People CBD CBN Vape Cartridge
For The People CBD Vape Cartridge

Embrace CBD Tinctures


Embrace CBD Delta 8 Gummies


Embrace CBD Delta 8 Vape Cartridges

All Cartridges


GTH Farms Delta8 Gummies
GTH Farms Delta8 Vape Carts


Myriam’s CBG Tincture 600mg
Myriams CBN 150mg
Myriams CBN 300mg
Myriam’s Daily 25 Tincture
Myriam’s Daily 50 Tincture
Myriam’s Daily 100 Tincture

Nuleaf Naturals

Nuleaf Naturals Tincture


CBN Relax Hemp Oil Tincture- 300mg peppermint

RX Remedies

Peppermint, Indica-500mg
Plain, Regular Strength, Sativa-50mg
Peppermint, Indica-1000mg
Peppermint, Sativa-1000mg
Plain, Extra Strength, Indica-1000mg
Plain, Extra Strength, Sativa-1000mg
Multi-Cannabinoid (Indica)
Multi-Cannabinoid (Sative)
Peppermint, Indica-500mg
Peppermint, Sativa-500mg
Plain, Regular Strength-50mg
Plain, Regular Strength, Sativa-50mg